Soap bubbles: not just a game!

What for centuries has been one of the fun pastimes of childhood, with which we have all played and entertained ourselves at least once, has, in reality, been under the attention of scientists!
In the second half of the nineteenth century, in fact, the Belgian physicist Joseph Plateau (1801-1883) began to carry out experiments on soapy water films.
In the soap films and bubbles, the scientist identified the most effective tools for the study of "minimal surfaces", thanks to the physical-chemical characteristics of this substance.
Perhaps the nineteenth-century physicist looked at those fluctuating and scented fluids with the same curious and inquisitive look with which, even today, a child observes and studies the solutions of ever-new shapes and colours that he can create by playing with Soap Bubbles.
It should not be forgotten, in fact, that the predisposition of the scientist is close to that of the artist, who experiments ever-new solutions under the inspiration of that surrounding him, and that the attitude of the latter is not so different from that of those who, like a child, observe the phenomena for the first time, with astonishment and without prejudice.


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