Bolle di sapone (1991) - un film di Michael Hoffman

Soap Bubbles made their debut on the big screen in 1991 with Soapdish, a sparkling comedy by Michael Hoffman who satirises the world of soap operas.
The name of the most popular children's game based on soapy water was chosen for the Italian translation of the title, as the closest to the allusive metaphor concealed in the original title: soapdish, dishwashing detergent, declares the frivolous and light-hearted nature of this film that makes fun of the television productions that were considered programs for the female world, broadcast in the early afternoon, when women were commonly busy washing dishes. The term soapdish , moreover, also refers to the detergents and soaps for whose advertising, at least initially, the broadcasting of these short series was aimed at.

A seemingly exclusively commercial purpose behind which, however, a metaphor is concealed: the soap bubble has long been a symbol of fun and of the transience of moments of play and carefreeness, a symbol of cheerfulness and light-heartedness; in short, a very good title for a very successful comedy!


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