Babbol is a new way of playing with soap bubbles .

It's the bubble which, when there is no more soap in the bottle, you can find on your mother's mobile phone or on your father's tablet and computer .

It is the neverending soap bubble.

Babbol World is a world of simple and fun games on computers or smartphones where you can find the wonderful soap bubbles that you already know, just a little different, virtual , say the grown ups.

Suitable for children of all ages , they are designed to be played together with parents.

A world dedicated to today's children who know how to have fun with both "real" and electronic games. Always based on soap bubbles, with BabbolGames children will not be disappointed when there is no more soap in the bottle.

A new and engaging experience.

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    2 Play on the Computer or download the Babbol app. Play with bubbles like never before

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Two different games, one for the computer and one for the mobile phone